Alfred Hospital-Establishing Holistic Amputee Care Management in Australia

In  October 2019, Alfred Hospital conducted their fourth workshop on Osseointegration for Bone Anchored prosthesis with the OPRA Implant system and Target Muscle Reinnervation (TMR) at the Regional Medical Australian and New Zealand Society (RMANZ).

Pioneering Osseointegration in Australia

Steven Gray

Mr. Steven Gray

The Alfred Hospital is the largest and most active Trauma Service in Australasia. They treat over half of all major Victorian trauma cases. Moreover, they are the only centre in Australia providing osseointegration with the OPRA Implant System. This follows from a long association beginning in 1989 between Mr. Steven Gray, Mr E.J. Anstee (Plastic Surgery Unit, Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Australia), Dr. Per.Ingvar Brånemark and Dr. Rickard Branemark. The surgical team pioneered Osseointegrated bone anchored prosthesis in Australia-BAHA (Bone anchored Hearing Aids), Hand, Upper and Lower Limb. They completed the first surgery for a osseointegrated thumb in 1995 . Since then, they have expanded into both upper and lower limb cases totalling to about 50 cases across all platforms and over 34 TMR cases.

Advanced Surgical Amputee Program (A.S.A.P)

Frank Bruscino-Raiola

Mr.Frank Bruscino-Raiola

Mr.Frank Bruscino-Raiola, Director of Plastics, Hand and Faciomaxillary Surgery
With the advancements in amputation surgeries and techniques, Mr. Gray and Mr. Bruscino-Raiola spearheaded A.S.A.P in 2014.  The program has transformed the general framework of ad-hoc and delayed amputee management to  proactive care. This encompasses a planned management of patients within a multi-disciplinary team. Consequently, they achieve reduced stump complications and neuropathic pain. A.S.A.P specifically deals with advanced cases of amputation and provides a holistic approach incorporating an integrative team of surgeons, physicians, prosthetists and rehabilitation therapists.

In addition, the A.S.A.P team developed new surgical methods in Targeted Muscle Reinnervation as well as rehabilitation programs using Neuromotus for phantom limb pain treatment.


The A.S.AP Team with their patients.

The A.S.AP Team with their patients.

Contact Information

Mr Steven Gray
Director: A.S.A.P
Plastic, Hand and Faciomaxillary Surgery Unit
Alfred Health
Melbourne. Australia

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