Tech Lead / Senior Embedded Systems Engineer – e-OPRA™, Active Implantable Medical Devices, Neuroprosthetics


This is a unique position where you will have the leading role in the e-OPRA™ solution area, helping individuals with amputations enjoy a dramatically improved quality of life. Until today 5 patients in the world are using the e-OPRA™ system and it is in clinical study phase. Your role will be to further develop and bring the e-OPRA™ system to a commercial product that includes CE marking and FDA approval.

The e-OPRA™ ALC (Artificial Limb Controller) is an embedded system that directly connects bionic prostheses to the patient’s bone, nerves, and muscles by building on the foundation of the OPRAImplant System. For the first time, robotic prostheses that are controlled by implanted neuromuscular interfaces while providing natural tactile feedback through neural stimulation are a clinical reality.

As the Tech Lead / Senior Embedded Systems Engineer, you will be working with cutting-edge technology in the neuroprosthetics field. When you start in this position an important task is to secure new ALC units for the continued clinical study. This is a hands-on work to assemble, program and test the ALC units for release. Within the clinical study you will meet the patients and be part of the fitting process to adjust the needed ALC settings. Next step is to take the version of the ALC today to CE-marking in cooperation with the rest of the e-OPRAdevelopment team and QA/RA. The continuation then is further development on the ALC to reach a commercial product level. You then drive and lead the activities end to end from specifications, development, prototype building and testing.

We believe that you have a broad experience within the hardware and embedded system development area and enjoy the hands-on part within electronics. We are aware that the demands below on this role is extensive. Some parts of it that may not fit your profile will be covered with consultants at this stage and with more personnel when our organization expand. The most important part is that you have the knowledge and experience to take the overall responsibility for the complete system and lead the development work.

The role also includes responsibility for the Neuromotus™ hardware development. Neuromotus™ is a new innovative technology, used for therapy to reduce phantom limb pain after an amputation. It’s a non-invasive, smart electronic device that captures, processes and decodes myoelectric signals to infer limb movements.


Essential Responsibilities

  • Lead any hardware and software change to the ALC and Neuromotus™.
  • Maintain and write documentation and support reviews from quality department.
  • Assemble, program, and test the ALC.
  • Design testing procedures and coordinate testing to identify problems and solutions.
  • Plan and execute system verifications at external testing facilities.
  • Contribute to design reviews as the electronics expert.
  • Support when fitting the prosthesis to patients and take care of periodic system maintenance.
  • Maintain codes and technical drawings related to the ALC and Neuromotus™.
  • Keep traceability of systems and stock units.
  • Communicate with manufacturing suppliers to handle orders, ensure quality, and resolve potential issues.
  • Identify and keep updated of novel technical concepts and technologies.
  • Assist in publication of papers and applications for patents.


Required Background/Education/Skills

  • Sc. or Ph.D. degree in Electronic Engineering or related fields.
  • At least five years of verifiable experience in the development of electronic systems, preferably in the medical device industry.


Required experience in:

  • Developing embedded systems in quality framework.
  • Designing hardware, both analog and digital.
  • Programming of firmware for embedded systems.
  • SW version control systems.
  • Prototyping and manufacturing.
  • Testing and debugging electronic equipment.


Desirable experience:

  • Development of Medical Devices according to ISO 13485.
  • IEC 60601 standards.
  • CE marking and FDA clearance.
  • Software development according to IEC 62304 standards.
  • Programming of front-end interface.
  • Powered prosthetic systems.
  • Implantable electronics.
  • Invasive neural stimulators.
  • Processing bioelectric signals.
  • Machine learning and pattern recognition.



  • Self-driven, result oriented and quality minded.
  • Proficient in programming with C, C++, Matlab.
  • Proficient in designing electronics, drawing, and reading electrical diagrams and printed circuits.
  • Advanced hand soldering and cables assemblies.


Employment Details

  • Full time employment, the position is based in Gothenburg.
  • This position requires some international travelling.
  • Competitive salary commensurate with background and qualifications



Since its start in 1998, Integrum AB has been helping individuals with amputations enjoy a dramatically improved quality of life. Decades of scientific research and development within the field of osseointegration has generated the OPRAImplant System for bone-anchored prostheses. This unique approach, utilizing implants of titanium alloy and scientifically well documented concept of osseointegration, offers significant advantages for the patient compared to traditional socket prostheses. Among these advantages are the ability to once again feel the ground beneath your feet, avoid the pain and discomfort of a chiding socket, and to wear the prosthesis for a longer period every day.

Integrum AB is a world leader in this area, and patients are being treated in state-of-the-art clinical facilities spread across the globe. The OPRA™ Implant System has been in use since the first treatment in 1990, and today more than 500 patients are enjoying the benefits of an osseointegrated prosthesis replacing an arm, a leg, or a digit. Integrum is also the only company in the world to have received a PMA (Pre-market Approval) from the FDA, for its products used in the treatment of above-knee amputations.



Questions regarding this position: contact R&D Manager Magnus Lindholm, at or +46 721 41 14 63

To apply for this position please send your CV and cover letter to, no later than September 14th, 2021.

Interviews will be performed continuously during the application period.