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Performing continuous research and development, Integrum aims at providing safe medical devices, supporting a more active life-style and improving quality of life. In order to meet individual needs, custom-made solutions are developed in close collaboration with scientists and clinicians. The OPRA™ Implant System has been used in over 500 surgeries since the start in 1990.

Per Ingvar frilagd


A Swedish professor, Per-Ingvar Brånemark, used a titanium implant chamber to study blood flow in rabbit bone and noted that the titanium implant could not be removed at the end of the experiment. He later coined the word “osseointegration” to describe the phenomenon when bone cells grow in direct contact with a titanium implant.


Our Products & Future Solutions

We’ve continuously developed our technique since the first surgery in 1990. Yesterday’s miracles are a reality today, and our future solutions will help you upgrade your OPRA™ Implant System and constantly encourage you to reach new goals.


Scientific Data and Resources

We have listed articles directly related to the OPRA™ treatment, its development, and continuous improvement. 

Patient Stories

Meet some of our users around the world

More than 25 years after his treatment with the OPRA™ Implant System, Conny Henriksson is still leading an active life, and even chopping his own wood in the forest.

  In 1987, Conny was enjoying his hobby; transporting wood home from the forest, when an unfortunate accident occurred. His leg was so badly injured that the medical team treating him immediately decided to amputate his leg above the knee. Conny then received a socket prosthesis, which, though very uncomfortable, enabled him to keep his […]

This is his story

It’s liberating. It just opens up everything.

Terry’s challenge following amputation: Discomfort and sweating caused by the prosthetic socket Terry Palmer had her right leg amputated above the knee over ten years ago. She received a conventional socket prosthesis five weeks after amputation. But soon, Terry found wearing the socket both unpleasant and irritating: „It’s so hot that it’s uncomfortable and sweaty, […]

This is her story