OTWorld 2020 Join the Progress

Integrum will be presenting at the OTWorld Congress held 27-29 October 2020.

The virtual World Congress will be held between 27-29 Oct 2020, with over 250 confirmed speakers and presentations from 20+ countries, along with digital presentations on industry innovations.

The symposium:- The Impact of Emerging Technologies in Prosthetics and Microsurgery on Amputee Care, chaired by Dr. Jennifer Ernst, University of Gottingen, will discuss the technological advancements with TMR (Targeted Muscle Reinnervation) and Osseointegration in amputee care. The symposium will be held on Tuesday 27 Oct 2020, at 9:30-10:30.

Dr. Rickard Brånemark will also be presenting at the Osseointegration Symposium on “Osseointegration and extended man-machine-interfaces” on Thursday, 29th Oct 2020, at 17:00.

Integrum will also be exhibiting our products at the digital showroom.

Access the program here.