Webinar Series Recap: The OPRA™ Implant System

If you missed any of the episodes of our Webinar Series last month, we are offering a webinar where we summarize these episodes in a single session.

In support of our communities around the world, we held an online educational series about Osseointegration allowing interested individuals to gain a deeper understanding of this viable option for amputees and the limb loss community.

The four-part series inaugurated with the history and evolution of osseointegration. In the second episode, we talked about the various features of the OPRA™ Implant System highlighting the modularity and advantages we have with our long history in the field. The third episode focused on prosthetic fittings for the various OPRA™ Implant System levels. In the last and final episode, we covered rehabilitation post-osseointegration focusing specifically on the rehabilitation protocols with the OPRA™ Implant System.

In this Webinar, we are offering a condensed version of the above four topics.


We invite everyone in the limb loss community interested in osseointegration as a prosthesis solution.

Date & Time

30 Jun 2020, Tuesday

North America

  • 11 am-11:45 am PDT
  • 2pm-2:45 pm EDT


  • 8pm-8:45pm CET

Kurt Collier

Kurt Collier is a certified prosthetist with over 30 years of experience in the prosthetic industry. He has successfully brought advanced prosthetic technology directly to clinicians through clinical education. Moreover, he has worked on facilitating and accelerating access to these advances within amputee populations. He currently serves as the Vice President of Prosthetics at Integrum AB.