Recovering Veteran Green Beret on Integrum’s OPRA™ Implant System and His Road to Recovery

Watch this episode where Catch a Lift Fund interviews US war veteran, Bobby Dove, on his childhood, his journey within The U.S  Army Special Forces, and his life after being wounded in combat. In the episode, he also speaks about the problems he faced with his socket prosthesis, such as how the ratchet strap, used to attach his prosthesis, cut and bruised him; the pain eventually taking a toll on him. He also explains how osseointegration, and the OPRA™ Implant System specifically, has helped him to save time putting on and taking off his prosthesis, reduce his pain, and focus more on his life instead of his prosthesis.


His wife Mary-Elizabeth Dove has also authored a heart-warming children’s book ‘ My Daddy is a Warrior’, which explores a child’s perspective of a wounded veteran father.

The Catch a Lift Fund provides crucial opportunities for military veterans to overcome the scars of war. Through a specially designed program of physical fitness and accountability, the program has helped hundreds of veterans rebuild their lives.