Niklas Hofverberg

QA/RA Manager

Born 1972. MSc in Biomedical Engineering from Lund University (Lund, Sweden)

Mr. Hofverberg is an expert in quality and regulatory affairs, with extensive experience of medical device R&D, quality systems and regulatory legislation. He was CEO and a consultant for Hofverberg Medical AB, supporting various life science companies (2009-2014). He was previously Product Supply & QA Manager at QuickCool (2008-2010), Product Development Manager at Cochlear AB and Project Manager at AstraZeneca (1995-2003).

Staff member since 2014.

Shares in Integrum, own and party holders:

B-Shares: 74 399

Stock option 2018/2021: 20 000

Stock option 2019/2022: 20 000