Art Clinic, Center of Excellence in the Nordic countries, has treated its first patient with Integrum’s OPRA™ Implant System

First patient treated at Art Clinic

On March 4th, teams from Integrum and Art Clinic conducted the first operation with the OPRA Implant System at Art Clinic’s medical facility in Jönköping. The operation, which was a first stage surgery, went very smoothly. As previously described, the full treatment consists of two surgical procedures, with a healing period of between 3 to 6 months in between; and shortly thereafter, the prosthesis is then connected to the integrated implant.
Says professor Rickard Brånemark, responsible surgeon and chairman at Integrum “the first surgery at Art Clinic with Integrum’s OPRAImplant System has successfully taken place. The operation went “by the book”, and yet another patient can look forward to a new life”
The operations take place through a collaboration between orthopaedic and plastic surgeons, and demand highly specialized care; Art Clinic is extremely proud to be able to offer this level of service to its patients. Says Niclas Andersson, chief surgeon at Art Clinic “Today, Art Clinic and Integrum have taken their first step together into the future; this through the help of surgical technique, research, and technology”.

About the collaboration with Art Clinic

Art Clinic is one of Sweden’s leading specialist clinics, and holds a very high hospital standard. Art Clinic offers both outpatient surgery, and more advanced surgical procedures which require post-operative overnight stays and observation/care. Today, Art Clinic is established in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Jönköping, and Uppsala. As a Center of Excellence in the Nordic countries, Art Clinic will offer a unique and ideal platform for cutting edge treatment and training and education for medical professionals from across the globe.

About treatment with the OPRA Implant System at Art Clinic

Art Clinic will offer rehabilitation for patients with trans-femoral, trans-humeral, or digital amputation, who are suffering from the discomforts and limited functionality of traditional prostheses. The treatment and educational activities within this field taking place at Art Clinic will benefit patients and clinicians alike around the world.

The future of treatment with the OPRA Implant System at Art Clinic

The plan is that Art Clinic, via activities and communication through various channels, will receive requests from many more patients which can be helped, and be able to enjoy a new quality of life thanks to this unique technology. Further, that the medical center will develop side by side with Integrum into the future.

Says Ronnie Pettersson, Managing Director at Art Clinic ”I have personally strived for several years to establish a Nordic Center of Excellence with Integrum, and am extremely pleased that the project is now up and running. There are many of us who have worked very hard to ensure that everything is in place to offer excellent and safe care, and we look very much forward to receiving patients from around the world”.

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