BG Klinikum in Duisburg, Germany, has performed its first thumb replacements with Integrum’s OPRA[TM] Implant System

Mölndal, Sweden, April 1st, 2022 – Integrum (publ) (Nasdaq First North Growth Market: INTEG B) today announced that the BG Klinikum in Duisburg, Germany, has begun to treat patients using Integrum’s OPRATM Implant System. The first three thumb amputee patients have been successfully treated, and five surgeons from different hospitals in Germany attended the procedures to be trained for future surgeries.

Integrum’s OPRATM Implant System is a bone-anchored system based on osseointegration. As the prostheses are directly attached to the bone, the use of a socket is avoided, leading to fewer complications and better quality of life for the patient. With the thumb application of the OPRATM Implant System, patients can be treated in a day-surgery setting where the procedure is performed in about 60 minutes. Scientific evaluation of thumb replacements with Integrum’s implants show that patients regain 95% of normal function.

In January 2021, The BG Klinik in Tübingen became one of the first hospitals in Germany to utilize the technology in the treatment of thumb amputees. Following the first surgeries, more clinics in the BG hospital system have started to perform thumb replacements using the OPRATM Implant System. The three surgeries now performed at the BG Klinikum in Duisburg marks the beginning of the hospital's offer to thumb amputee patients to be treated with the system.  

“We have good experience from patients previously treated with Integrum’s osseointegrated implants at our hospitals, and we look forward to expand the use and start performing thumb replacements as well,” comments Professor Heinz-Herbet Homann, chief physician at BG Klinikum Duisburg.   

Integrum constantly trains and certificates new surgeons on the procedure, and five surgeons attended the first surgeries at the BG Klinikum in Duisburg. Besides physicians from the BG Duisburg hospital, surgeons from BG Hospitals affiliated to the Universities of Bochum, Tübingen and Heidelberg, and a surgeon from Medizinische Hochschule Hannover were partaking. Professor Rickard Brånemark, surgeon and chairman of Integrum, was responsible for the training. 

“It is encouraging to see how our advanced bone-anchored implants now gradually become a viable choice for patients in Germany with thumb amputations. Events like these, where patients receive a treatment that forever will change their daily life, and where new physicians get trained and can change experiences at the same time, is the most efficient way to spread the use of the OPRATM Implant System,” comments Professor Rickard Brånemark.

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