New Center for Bionics and Pain Research; CBPR, established in Gothenburg

Integrum AB would like to offer its warmest congratulations to Dr. Max Ortiz Catalán (former Head of R&D at Integrum), Chalmers University of Technology, and Sahlgrenska University Hospital for the establishment of the CBPR Center.

The interdisciplinary research center has been established to promote the further development and clinical implementation of novel technologies to treat sensory and motor impairments, such as amputations or nerve injuries. Thanks to generous donations, the Center for Bionics and Pain Research (CBPR) will help patients regain quality of life through world-leading technologies and treatments, developed by engineering and medical professionals working closely together.

While the establishment has been made possible through collaboration of many parties, Integrum AB is quite pleased to see that its OPRATM Implant System, e- OPRATM Implant System, NeuromotusTM and related technologies, will play an integral role in the future of the CBPR and the further development of ground-breaking amputee care.

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Maria Lopez, CEO
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Erik Penser Bank AB
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