Integrum receives a Unitary Patent for Neuromotus in the EU

Mölndal, Sweden, October 10, 2023 – Integrum (publ) (Nasdaq First North Growth Market: INTEG B) today announces that the company has received a Unitary Patent approval pertaining to NeuromotusTM – a clinical innovation aimed at treating patients suffering from Phantom Limb Pain. The new patent process, which was installed by the EU in June 2023, grants immediate proprietary rights to Integrum in 17 separate European countries.

Integrum develops NeuromotusTM, an innovative therapy designed to treat patients suffering from phantom pain. The therapy is based on a non-invasive technology utilizing smart devices to process and decode electrical muscle signals. These are connected to virtual and augmented reality (AR-VR) systems, allowing the patient to control the missing limb in a virtual environment. This form of treatment has been proven effective to combat chronic pain.

The current patent will be taken to effect on 23rd of August, 2023, and thus grants Integrum exclusive commercial rights for NeuromotusTM on several European key markets, including Germany, Benelux, France, Italy, and Sweden. The patent will be valid until 19th of December, 2034.

About the Unitary Patent

The Unitary Patent a regulatory process installed in June 2023 aimed at streamlining EU patent protection across its member states. Inventors submit applications to the European Patent Office (EPO). After ensuring its novelty and applicability, the EPO grants a European patent. The patentee can then request a unitary effect, converting it into a Unitary Patent, valid across participating EU nations. In case of disputes, the Unified Patent Court oversees Unitary Patents, offering a consistent legal interpretation, thereby reducing administrative burdens for inventors.

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