I can now sleep through the night!

Sten Standberg, 84 years old, is a retired Swedish marine. He underwent below-knee amputation on his left leg due to vascular problems in 2017.

Soon after his amputation, Sten developed phantom limb pain. In the beginning, Sten says, the pain was insignificant. However, as time progressed, the pain became intolerable, especially at night. Consequently, he was unable to sleep, which made him tired and fatigued during the day. He started taking pain killers and sleeping pills but they were insufficient to provide him quality sleep.


84 Year old marine doing treatment with Neuromotus

Sten Standberg, 84 years old

Sten begins his treatment with Neuromotus

In May 2019, Sten began his treatment sessions with his physiotherapist, Emilia Diamantidis. In the initial sessions, Sten described his phantom limb as ‘painfully contracted and unable to move’. He was also unable to contract or relax his stump muscles.  As he progressed through his treatment with Neuromotus, he gained better control over his stump muscles and was able to execute movements with the virtual limb with ease. Sten describes the Neuromotus treatment as a fun and engaging training.  

Emilia Diamantidis, Physiotherapist, is very proud and pleased with the results she has had with Sten. Together they were able to train and decrease his phantom limb pain, a condition that Sten was scared would never disappear. 

At the end of his treatment in June 2019, Sten says that the intrusion of Phantom Limb Pain in his sleep has disappeared completely and his phantom limb has ‘relaxed’. He has also decreased the number of pills and is left with a lot more energy in the day to spend with his wife, children and grandchildren.  

Excerpts from Sten’s pain profile collected during the treatment 

Visual representation of pain profile