It has really become my leg again!

Richard Kusters is from Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. He is an ardent horse enthusist and loves photography and wood work. Richard is a recipient of the OPRA Implant System. In this video, he shares his story.

In 2008, an accident with his horse carriage resulted in the amputation of his right leg. Richard explains it:

‘On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I was out riding with my horses. My wife is driving the carriage and due to a traffic situation, I jumped off the box to stop my horse and that did not end very well’.

Rickard was dissatisfied with the limitations of his socket prosthesis and investigated osseointegrated bone-prosthesis as an option for him. After asking around, he found his rehab specialist who connected him with Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) who performed his osseointegration surgery.

Rickard now appreciates the small things he was unable to do with his socket prosthesis, like sitting on hard surfaces and crossing his legs while he sits.

‘When I am walking on a surface, I can feel it and know exactly what’s happening underfoot.’

Richard is excited about his future with the osseointegrated OPRA Implant System and intends to upgrade to the e-OPRA when it becomes available.

This is his story.