Upcoming Event: OPRA™ Insight Forum Series: Chapter Boston

The OPRA Insight Forum Series is a set of outreach programs hosted by Integrum held across the U.S. to help educate and inform the limb loss community about Osseointegration.

The forums are designed to provide a broad perspective on Osseointegration and specifically the OPRA Implant System. A review of the acceptance criteria for consideration, brief explanation of the surgical procedures, and  rehabilitation protocols are introduced and explained.  Additionally, OPRA amputees will be a part of the event to share their stories, perspectives as well as answer questions.

When : Sept 17, 2019 –Meet and Greet (Appetizers & Beverages) 5pm, Discussions and Questions (6-8pm)

Where: Crown Plaza Boston Newton Hotel, 320 Washington Street, Newton, MA, 02458

For further information, contact kurt.collier@integrum.se

OPRA Insight Forum: An event to learn about Osseointegration for amputees.