Rickard Brånemark

Board Member

Born 1960. Assoc. Prof. Rickard Brånemark, MD (1987), PhD (1996), Gothenburg University (Gothenburg, Sweden), and MSc Engineering Physics (1987), Chalmers University of Technology

Dr Brånemark is the founder and owner of Integrum AB and was CEO between 1998-2015. He has pioneered studies of titanium implants to anchor limb prostheses for more than 20 years. He has carried out more than 200 such operations. As the most experienced surgeon in this field, Dr. Brånemark is internationally recognized and was, for example, awarded the Hanger Prize in 2007 for his contribution to amputation research. He is now visiting associate professor at the Orthopedic Oncology and the Orthotic and Prosthetic Centers at UCSF, San Francisco.

Board member since 2009.

Shares in Integrum, own and party holders:

A-Shares: 640 000

B-Shares: 5 527 780

Dependent in relation to the Company and company management as well as dependent in relation to the Company larger shareholders.