Inside Walter Reed: The Future of Prosthetics

NBC4 News aired a segment on ‘Inside Walter Reed:The Future of Prosthetics‘ on October 8th’ 2019. The program features the OPRA Implant System from Integrum.

News4’s Doreen Gentzler talks about her visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center at Bethesda, Washington. During the visit, she learned about the clinical trial evaluating Osseointegration as a mainstream treatment. Although several clinical trails on osseointegration have been carried out around the world, this is the first clinical trial in USA. Additionally, Navy Cmdr. (Dr.) Jonathan A. Forsberg shares his vision for the future of amputee care. Dr Forsberg is a an orthopedic oncologist and one of the pioneers in the field of osseointegration.

The segment also features veteran Brian Tobias, a recipient of the OPRA Implant System. ‘I have my life back. I have nothing to hold me back anymore but myself.’, says Brian. He talks about the various advantages of the system. For instance, one of the major benefits is how the procedure has caused sensations in his right (amputated) leg to return.

Watch more in the video below.