Spanish champion in sitski


Irene Villa, Spanish champion in sitski.

At the age of 12, Irene Villa lost both her legs and several of her fingers due to a bomb planted in her mother’s car by the terrorist organization ETA. When she recovered from her injuries, Irene decided to live life to the fullest and she has since taken part in several sports such as skiing, diving and canoeing. She has also written two novels and it was at a presentation of her first novel in Baskia in 2005 that she first came in contact with the bone-anchored prosthesis method.

– After my presentation, I met a man from the audience who had had surgery in Sweden by Dr. Rickard Brånemark. When he showed me how the system worked, I was amazed at how he moved his legs. As I had been experiencing a number of problems with the prosthetic sockets, I quickly decided to undergo the same surgery, Irene explains.

In November of the same year, she had her first operation in Gothenburg and, even though she experienced problems with an infection afterwards, she is certain she would do it over and over again.

– Your quality of life is really enhanced. This system lets you do whatever you want, as long as you do regular physical exercise. It is important to be strong, as you move your legs with your back and stomach, Irene explains. The new prosthesis has made it easier for her to take part in sports, as she can now move more easily and without pain and she recently became the Spanish champion in sitski!