Integrum’s e-OPRA™ Implant System highlights in the Swedish national public service television News “Aktuellt,” a more extensive coverage is in the Swedish TV show “Ask the Doctor,” and there is an article and clip in the Swedish TV Online newsroom.

The Swedish national public service television interviews Tonney Forsberg, an amputee, and Max Ortiz Catalàn, former head of R&D at Integrum, and now a professor in bionics (a mix between biology and electronics).  Max talks about the new possibilities opening up by combining osseointegration and AI, a result from the collaboration between Integrum, Chalmers University of Technology and Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

We meet Tonney Forsberg, who lost his arm in a workplace accident several years ago. Today he wears a thought-controlled robotic arm and has regained feeling in his artificial hand.  “It’s like a small processor that takes care of the signals from my nerves and passes it on,” says Tonney Forsberg.

Electrodes have been inserted into Tonneys arm that attaches to the nerve endings cut during the amputation. Those nerves still have contact with the brain and allow him to control the robotic arm with the power of thinking. The signals can also go the other way, and makes Tonney feel with his artificial hand.

See how Tonney learned to pick up coins with his prosthesis in the clip.

Links to SVT’s broadcast below:

SVT Aktuellt TV News – 3 min. story starting at 32:14 min.

SVT Ask the Doctor longer story 9 min. starting at 16:25 min.

SVT.SE Online newsroom featured story and clip 2 min.
Tonney miste armen – nu har han fått tillbaka känseln genom ny protes | SVT Nyheter