Dr. Brånemark to present at University of Maryland

Dr.Brånemark will present a Seminal Research lecture on Osseointegration at the University of Maryland on 28th February.  He will share the groundbreaking advances within osseointegration and limb restoration as well as the latest research.

Despite the advances in prosthesis and sockets, there is a high rejection rate of socket prosthesis among people with amputation. For example, documented rates of prosthesis use vary from 27 – 56 % for upper-limb amputation (ULA) and from 49- 95%  for lower-limb amputation (LLA)*. One of the main reasons for prosthesis rejection is sores or socket discomfort. Osseointegration allows patients an alternate claim to mobility by anchoring the prosthesis directly to the bone. Additionally, bone-anchored prostheses provide enhanced comfort and stable attachment.  Dr. Brånemark will talk about how this technology, which was initially used in the dental industry, expanded to prosthesis fixation and how it has transformed the lives of hundreds of people with amputation.

The lecture is hosted by the Department of Kinesiology which is chaired by Dr. Brad Hatfeild. The department at the School of Public health promotes the interdisciplinary study of human movement at all levels of analysis.

Friday, February 28, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
SPH 2236 Friedgen Lounge


*Raichle KA, Hanley MA, Molton I, et al. Prosthesis use in persons with lower- and upper-limb amputation. J Rehabil Res Dev. 2008;45(7):961–972. doi:10.1682/jrrd.2007.09.0151