e-OPRA™ recipient shares his perspective on TV4 news

The Ideal Replacement for a Biological Hand

The conclusions of the clinical study on the efficacy and performance of the e-OPRA™ system was published recently in the New England Journal of Medicine. One of the recipients of the e-OPRA™ system. Rickard Normark, shared his perspective on  TV 4, a Swedish news channel. Watch the interview here.

As an upgrade of OPRA™ Implant System, e-OPRA™ connects the prosthesis directly to bone, nerves and muscles bringing natural control and feeling back to amputees. This technology can be accessible to patients with the OPRA™Implant System due to the modular design of the system.

David Axe from The Daily Beast wrote an in-depth article on the features and the development process of e-OPRA™ system, and how this technology can revolutionize the life of amputees. “It’s possible to imagine a time, not too far in the future when losing a limb is just a temporary setback.” David wrote at the end of the article.

The e-OPRA™ system was also featured in several media outlets including US News, Sciencedaily, and Healthline.

Watch the video below to gain more insights into the e-OPRA™ Implant System.