Trevor Noah Podcast: Dr. Max Ortiz Discusses Bionic Limbs and Prosthetic Technology

In the Trevor Noah Podcast episode: Your Robot Brain, Dr. Max Ortiz Catalán explains that the communication gap that once lay between the most advanced prostheses and their users is, thanks to his research and collaboration with Integrum, now bridged. It is now possible to truly connect the brain and the prosthesis, and thereby achieve intuitive control of one’s prosthesis.

He also discusses how osseointegration technology allows the prosthesis to become a true extension of the body, as it is anchored directly into the bone. By anchoring into the bone, the implant-supported prosthesis provides great freedom of movement, control, and sensory feedback, and also allows patients to avoid comfort, control, and connection challenges faced by those wearing a traditional socket prosthesis.

Max Ortiz Catalán is Research Advisor to Integrum and led the development of the e-OPRA™ Implant System, a bone-anchored prosthetic solution with the world’s most advanced integrated communication interfaces between man and machine.

The e-OPRA™ Implant System is a mind-controlled system with a high degree of precision and natural control, and with the capability to provide the sensation of touch. The technology has been scientifically documented to be stable and safe; not only in the controlled environment of the research laboratory but more importantly for the user, in long-term use at home and at work.