Patient Stories

The OPRA™ Implant System has helped hundreds of amputees to improve their quality of life since the first surgery in 1990. Read more about some of the users and how the OPRA™ Implant System has changed their life below.

It’s liberating. It just opens up everything.

Terry’s challenge following amputation: Discomfort and sweating caused by the prosthetic socket Terry Palmer had her right leg amputated above the knee over ten years ago. She received a conventional socket prosthesis five weeks after amputation. But soon, Terry found wearing the socket both unpleasant and irritating: “It’s so hot that it’s uncomfortable and sweaty, […]

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My entire outlook on life has changed

  In 2003, while Glenn-Douglas Haig, 52, was celebrating the first night in his new home with friends, three armed robbers entered his home and shot him seven times in the stomach and the right leg. After a five-day coma, Glenn regained consciousness only to find that, due to a severed artery below the knee […]

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I do more things now, than I ever did when I had both arms

“I really look at [the explosive incident] as an opportunity, because it kind of made me appreciate life more with what happened, and it taught me that I need to take care of myself.” Retired Army Sergeant William Santos said, “It’s just that there’s so much opportunity for me right now that I am able […]

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I no longer need painkillers for Phantom Limb Pain

  Giulia Bellandi is a 29-year-old sitting volleyball player for the Italian National Sitting Volleyball Team. Since her treatment with Neuromotus™, she has stopped taking drugs to manage her phantom limb pain. Unbearable Chronic Phantom Limb Pain at Night Giulia lost her left leg above the knee in a serious motorcycle accident in 2009. She […]

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A whole new world opened for me

Ulf lost his right arm in an accident in 1997. As a sailor, he was performing routine maintenance on the ventilation fan of a cargo ship. Suddenly, the fan activated without warning, and the fan blades severely damaged Ulf’s right arm. Ulf sought out the OPRA™ Implant System due to incessant problems with his socket prosthesis. He later upgraded to the e-OPRA™ Implant System […]

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Marine, Amputee and Race Car Driver

  Liam Dwyer joined the Marine Corps twice. His first stint took him to Iraq, where in January 2007, he was lucky to survive an IED explosion just yards away from the Humvee he’d only recently upgraded with armor plating. His tour complete and his body intact, Dwyer retired from the Marines, returned to his […]

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I will live longer now that my (Phantom limb) pain has decreased

  TJ’S PHANTOM LIMB PAIN EXPERIENCE TJ had chronic Phantom Limb Pain(PLP) after his amputation following a traumatic injury.  He experienced his phantom limb as a permanently strongly closed fist.  In the beginning, he took prescription drugs to manage his pain. However, he soon abandoned them due to their severe side effects. He tried mirror […]

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I feel great, I can just go!

  Brian Tobias continues to take on new and exciting challenges everyday. He is a 31 year old mechanic student with an extraordinary story. He has an honorable past as a Navy veteran serving as a Gunner’s Mate which involves maintenance and servicing of weapons. Additionally, he also trained recent enlistees on the use and […]

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