Implant Card

In accordance with new European medical device regulations, as a patient receiving stage 1 implant surgery in Europe, following May 26th 2021, you will receive an Implant Card from your hospital. The card contains important information regarding the exact implant which you have received, and when the surgery took place. The card appears as below :

Implant Card - front

Front side

Implant Card - back

Back side


The information contained in the card is explained in the document below :


To be filled by the healthcare institution/provider

1. Name of the patient/ patient ID.

2. Name and address of the healthcare institution/provider.

3. Date of implantation.

4. Detach and place sticker on Implant Card. It is important that sticker outline is aligned with marked area on the Implant Card.  

    4.1. Device name.

    4.2. Device type (provided in the accepted language).

    4.3. Unique device identification (UDI).

            4.3.1 UDI-DI: Device Identification Number.

    4.4. Serial Number.

    4.5. Name and address of the manufacturer of the medical device.

Implant Card infographic Implant Card Infographic - 2