Dr. Rickard Brånemark and Magnus Niska to Appear on TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, Saturday, December 19[th], 09:20.

On Saturday morning, Dr. Rickard Brånemark, founder of Integrum AB, and Magnus Niska, the first patient in the world treated with Integrum’s revolutionary e-OPRATM Implant System, will be interviewed on the very popular TV show, Nyhetsmorgon, on channel 4 in Sweden.

During the interview, Dr. Brånemark will discuss this unique and revolutionary treatment, which has its foundation in Integrum’s OPRATM Implant System; technology which builds upon Rickard Brånemark’s research within osseointegrated prostheses, and offers amputee patients the unique opportunity to reclaim an active lifestyle, and leave the discomforts and shortcomings of traditional socket prostheses behind.

About the e-OPRATM Implant System


In January 2013, Dr. Brånemark led the world’s first surgery where neuromuscular electrodes were permanently implanted in Magnus, connecting the prosthesis to Magnus’ bone, nerves, and muscles. Today, robotic prostheses controlled via implanted neuromuscular interfaces are about to become a clinical reality thanks to Integrum’s osseointegrated technology. This technology is under development and currently in an ongoing clinical trial, and as soon as it is CE-marked it will be the natural upgrade for people using the OPRA™ Implant System.

Joining Dr. Brånemark on the program is Magnus, a 42 year old from Haparanda in Northern Sweden, who was the first person to receive a prosthesis with a direct connection to bone, nerves and muscles. Thanks to his new robotic arm, Magnus has been able to cope with all the situations he faces in his physically demanding job of driving big rigs between Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

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