Oslo University Hospital (Rikshospitalet, Oslo universitetssykehus) announces the introduction of a bone-anchored prosthetics program with the OPRA™ Implant System.

The department of orthopedics at Rikshospitalet has announced that they will be introducing a bone-anchored prosthetics program to help amputees who have lost their arms and legs lead more active and productive lives.

In 2020, Newsweek rated Oslo University Hospital as number 26 in its list of the top hospitals worldwide Top 100 hospitals worldwide 2020. Spearheading the program at Rikshospitalet is Professor Magne Røkkum, Department of Orthopedics. Read more about the program (in Norwegian) here.

Professor Røkkum and the team at Rikshospitalet will begin treating both transhumeral (above-elbow) and transfemoral (below-knee) amputees with the OPRA™ Implant System this autumn.

Says Professor Røkkum “I am looking forward to supplementing our reconstructive treatment of extremities with osseointegrated prostheses.

Maria Lopez, CEO at Integrum, shared the following “we are thrilled that the OPRA Implant System will be introduced at another of the world’s top hospitals, and that even more patients will be able to enjoy the benefits of the treatment and lead more active lives”.

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