The osseointegration has improved his quality of life

Eric Mollaret, prosthesis and bike


The 25th of October is a day Eric Mollaret will never forget. Eric was involved in a grievous motorbike accident that cost him his right leg. ’’A few seconds before everything was fine and a few seconds later, things were not so good. It all happened very quickly’’, says Eric.

Eric is a hard-working man in the banking industry and enjoys an active lifestyle filled with various sport activities. Eric’s rehabilitation goal was therefore to be able to walk again and return to his lifestyle. The socket prosthesis allowed him to do these to an extent but in a couple of years he found the solution not good enough. He felt imprisoned with a prosthesis that did not fit well and did not work to his expectations. He contacted his prosthetist for other options and was informed about osseointegration and how the OPRA Implant System could be suitable for him. Eric was immediately convinced that this was something for him.

In 2010 Eric was operated at Polyclinique Saint Roch in France. He tells us about how the surgery was a pivotal moment that greatly impacted his quality of life. He now walks smoothly and comfortably. He says he is now able to feel the stones under his prosthesis as he walks. The OPRA Implant System has offered him greater mobility with stronger osseoperception. He is also able to determine the position of his prosthesis in space much better. He now saves a lot of time every day with the OPRAImplant system. It took him over 15 minutes every time to attach his socket prosthesis, but now with the OPRA Implant system, it takes him less than a minute.